Every week we were greeted by friendly smiles of the attentive. Older drivers have long been believed to be the safest and most cautious drivers on the road, taken into account their experiences, sheer number of kilometers and driving years behind their safety belts. Her strength, motor skills and confidence grew by leaps and bounds. My plan is to create a future post highlighting some useful and helpful links from the AOTA website to incorporate into your daily practice and use in your community. Back to Health to anyone needing physical therapy. Their knowledge of the field was great and they always seemed to know how much to push me. Everyone is somehow connected and knew exactly where I was in my stage of the program. Give us a call, and allow us the opportunity to help your child. After having surgery, Robert Luuwai was sent to Hale Makua for rehab. Special thank to Elizabeth, Gaby, Lori, Becca, Raylyn and Anjelica!