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The gasket leading out of the holding tank was not secure. Again, I stress that I use coffee filters especially for BUNN machines. Remove the creation of the sprayhead on your search again, which are a tube opening, bunn pour coffee maker? The automatic coffee maker has a basket filter and shower style brew head The Pour-O-Matic Two-Burner Pour-Over Coffee Brewer from Bunn is made from metal. All that said, some brewers do have a reputation for lasting longer. The connector shrinks down and releases the waterproofing glue at the same time making a perfect connection that will not fail in the future. While you may think tap water is all you need for your coffee maker, it often contains minerals and chemicals that can interact with the ones in your coffee. Comes with all shown in pictures. Restaurant or office setting. The stainless shower head has no lime build up and the working burners are clean. It features stainless steel construction of internal components and requires no plumbing. Note: Power cord must be connected to center terminal block on all Twins unless otherwise noted. This will cool the water in the tank. PROGRAMMING SWITCHESThis is the display which shows the various functions. Replace the front panel and tighten screws. Pour continually smaller business clean.